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SO Lolita!

※ Southern Ontario Lolita Community ※

※ SO Lolita! ※
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Southern Ontario Lolita Community, the new gta_lolita.
Welcome to the Southern Ontario Lolita Community!

This is a closed-membership community but most posts are PUBLIC if not FRIENDS-LOCKED.

If you would like to join So_Lolita membership must be approved. This is especially true for those who have no posts on their personal LiveJournals, no personal information on their user profiles, or are completely new to LiveJournal. This community was created to combat large-scale voyeurism, trolling, uninvited strangers coming to strictly RVSP meet-ups, and the lack of an active moderator at the previous community.

Despite this, we are a tight-knit Toronto Lolita fashion community and we are open to meeting new people and members! Don’t be intimidated. We are all pretty friendly.

We also have a community on FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/370417462235/
and Twitter: http://twitter.com/so_rorita

If you are interested in Dolly kei, Mori girl, or Natural kei, please visit our sister community, forestdoll.

Everyone needs them.

1. You will also need to make an introduction post about yourself. The template for your introduction post can be found in the community Memories or a tag/link on the community sidebar on the front page. By posting an introduction, it allows members to know who is present in the community and limits possible voyeurism and trolling. Please post your introduction as soon as possible or you may be removed from the group.

2. Please keep posts on topic. Irrelevant posts will be deleted.

3. Useless bickering / fighting is not tolerated. Nor are personal attacks on other members of this community.

4. Be nice and friendly to others. Treat others the way you'd want to be treated and have some respect.

5. LJ-CUTS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND. Use them for pictures and sales, please! (If you don't know how to do an LJ-CUT refer to LJ FAQ or search it on LJ)

6. This is a closed membership community, but it is still common sense that if you are uncomfortable with posting your cellphone number please state that you would like it to be done via PM or FRIENDS-LOCK YOUR POST. Posts can still be viewed if you are not a member if they are not FRIENDS-LOCKED.

7. If a meet-up has a strict RVSP or dress-code, please abide by it. Contact the host of a meet-up if you have any concerns.

8. If you are going to make a sales post, please use the same rules and etiquette as EGL_Comm_Sales or your post may be deleted without warning.

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