Hi! I'm selling 3 offbrand dresses, one chocochip cookie sweet lolita dress, montreal shoes, and a skirt and headpiece from bodyline today. I am only delivering the items in person (this will save you shipping prices anyways), I live in DT toronto so I'd have no problem meeting you anywhere. For payment i prefer in person but paypal is is fine. If you don't like a price, I'm always open to negotiation! All items in mint condition.
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 There has been much talk about a new lolita community for us, but no one seemed to be stepping up and doing it. So I figured I would.

We all know why a new community is needed, so I won't go into detail.

I don't plan on being the only mod, so feel free to offer help or suggest who you think would make a good mod.


Edit: the layout is lame and boring, but simple. Once membership has risen I will hold a layout contest.

Edit2: Should I make a comment to be added thread? Other suggestions? One terrible layout is up now. Come look, suggest and improve things around here!