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16 July 2010 @ 10:30 pm
DS: Bodyline heart buckle shoes in red  

Size 10 - $25 CAD, local pickup only (Can deliver them if you are downtown or live near me)

 I bought these shoes a size too big by accident. I've never worn them out since they are too big for me. They are a nice matt red and the color is fairly accurate in the photo (they're a little brighter in real life). They are a size 26 jpn. I normally wear a size 25.5 jpn (or size 8.5-9) and I would say that these shoes probably fit more like a 10. Since shipping is so expensive I think I'd rather do local pickup only.
Shirviushirviu on July 29th, 2010 09:11 am (UTC)
Well I'll take the shoes! :D
Perhaps I can stop by the Inception meet to pick them up - depends what time the movie will be. Would you be able to bring them then if that would work?
swtgreenteaswtgreentea on July 29th, 2010 04:03 pm (UTC)
I can definitely bring them. Please let me know if you are going to the meet though. Do you have my number?
I can't stay late for the meet unfortunately, so I guess another option would be to leave the shoes with one of your friends, if you prefer that.
Shirviushirviu on July 29th, 2010 11:39 pm (UTC)
Well I was thinking about that but I can't get the money to them in time. :/
I am not going to the meet unless it's the 6:20 movie, but I can still show up after to say hello and pick up the shoes if it will be the one around 4 o'clock.
kigaromarukigaromaru on July 30th, 2010 12:50 am (UTC)
*pops out of the shadows*
If sylvia can't make the meet-up, I'll buy the shoes off you since I'll be seeing her at the midnight Rocky Horror Picture Show and can give it to her then, if that works out better?

I really hope you'll both be able to come though, even if it's just for a little while D: D: D: