March 15th, 2010

Candy Fairy


 Hey everyone!

There has been discussion about the large scale voyeurism happening on 
[info]gta_lolita that has concerned some people. 290 members and we only know like 30-ish personally? To combat this, I’ve decided to implement a MANDATORY INTRODUCTION POST for everyone. I will begin the tedious process of PMing every member right now (I should be finished by week’s end) to implement this. This will be added to the [info]so_lolita memories for future reference. If there is anything else I should add, please, feel free to tell me!

Now, anyone who sees this post. Please, contribute to the community with your own introduction post so I don’t have to PM you. Also, the So_lolita Twitter (So_rorita) is now linked to the user profile of the community. Check it out if you have Twitter. Most of our phones have gone high-tech and now we are trying to keep up. Thank you for your patience. - Sonia 

Personal Links (Twitter, FB, Blogspot, Wordpress, Polyvore...etc. Your choice - but not mandatory!):
Personal Selling or Buying Feedback (links):
Years in the fashion (optional):
How did you find out about Lolita fashion?:
How did you find out about this community?:
Your Style of choice:
Favourite Brand(s):
What do you want to get out of this community, know, or learn? (optional):
What can you contribute to the community (this can mean ideas for the community, skills, hobbies…etc - optional):
Photo of yourself (optional):
Additional information about yourself (optional):